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3G Fitness Athy

Posted on September 23 2018

"A gym that has it all we just added a little bit extra" 
3G Fitness in Athy Co.Kildare is one of the finest establishments we have set foot in. A large warehouse located on the outskirts of the town it was clear to see that a high level of detail went into planning the layout of this facility and no corners were cut when equipping the room. 
The facility has all one could want with a large selection of cardio machines, an astro, prowlers, a large lifting area with rubber tile flooring, a 5 bay wall mounted rig, a range of performance equipment including boxes,bands,balls etc, a rehab room and even a coffee space for its members! 
Our job was to just add a little bit extra. The existing 5 bay wall mounted rig had no provision for rings so we custom designed two Olympic Ring Frames to be attached to the rig. 
3G Fitness | Athy | Custom Gyms|
Olympic Rings | 3G Fitness | Athy| Custom Gyms|
The lads at 3G also wanted to be able to do rope climbs so we manufactured 2 rope frames to be fixed in the room. 
All frames included 3G Fitness personalised branding which really added to the look. 
 3G Fitness | Athy | Custom Gyms |
Overall we were delighted with how our modifications turned out and very happy to see them being put to use in a top class facility!