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GAA Games Development Conference 2019

Posted on January 11 2019

It was a great experience getting to showcase our products at the GAA Games Development Conference in Croke Park. Seeing the Custom Gyms brand on display in the Hogan Stand proved to us just how far we have come in a short space of time. Getting to meet other businesses and having discussions with them about their journeys to date reassured us that the long hours and dedication can be worth it in the long run.

Our biggest aim in attending the conference was to get the Custom Gyms brand out across all of Ireland and to display how our products can be of benefit to GAA clubs. We have seen a big movement within GAA Clubs to develop their Gym Facilities for their players however some of the biggest challenges are best utilising small spaces, funding and training large numbers at the same time.

Luckily we can provide the solution to these problems at Custom Gyms. Carefully planned floor layouts enable us to best utilise whatever space may be available to a club, our rigs and attachments are specifically designed for training a large number of players in a minimal amount of space. Finally by providing a finance option for clubs it allows them to receive equipment immediately and pay back small amounts over time, from being involved in clubs we realise the costs involved in running and up keep each year and its not always an option to pay out a lump sum on Gym Equipment. 

Below showcases some of our standard equipment that we had over the two days. We can take a development from the design phase to installation over a relatively short period of time. All our rigs are customisable in size and colour to suit a clubs specific needs. 

Custom Gyms | Croke Park |

Custom Gyms | Croke Park | GAA | Games|

Custom Gyms | Croke Park | GAA | Games|

Custom Gyms | Croke Park | GAA | Games|

Custom Gyms | Croke Park | GAA | Games|

We are already looking forward to next year!

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