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Gonzaga College

Posted on July 12 2018

From the first time we set foot inside Gozaga college we got a sense of excellence, immaculate pitches, a spacious gym but most of all a dedicated group of coaches & players committed to their training. Our install needed to be of a high quality and we were up to the challenge. 

We were delighted to get the opportunity to install our six bay free standing rig and lay a complete new floor covering 180sqm with our rubber tiles along with the addition of our own Custom Gyms Bumper plates to add to the existing bumper plate range already in the gym. 

Our free standing rig provided the players with 6 squatting stations and numerous pull up bars for various exercises. Small details were added to the rig to customise it and add a sense of character to Gonzaga SJ's rig. 

Gonzaga College
Our rubber tile flooring transformed the gym into a comfortable space to work in while also providing protection to equipment being used and the existing floor. While some flooring can be expensive it really is a worthwhile investment. 
Rubber tile Flooring
Overall we were delighted with how this installation turned out. A good floor, a sizeable rig and plenty of floor space for dynamic exercises which allow the players to move comfortably between exercises with very little time wasted waiting on equipment or squatting stations. 
6 Bay Free Standing Rig | Gonzaga SJ | Rubber Flooring